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 Welcome to Bologna, the most famous Packaging Valley of the world: our Land!

The Pharmaceutical Industry is facing today big challenges and technology changes such as continuous manufacturing, integrated supply chain in terms of traceability and serialization, interconnection and data exchange between machines and human beings.
 IMA Group will present at PharminTech its perspective of how the pharma packaging industry is meant to be: a complete portfolio of Solid Dose & Aseptic processing machines, Packaging and End-of-Line solutions, turn-key applications and pilot projects for Industry 4.0.
Each of our areas in the booth welcome visitors on a journey that unveils the opportunities available in several manufacturing stages: a virtual as well as a real-life tour through the Smart Factory of the future.

The Solid Dose area hosts the PREXIMA 300 tablet press and the EFFECTA perforated coated pan for tablet film and sugar coating by IMA Active.
The STERIFILL RS-P5 under isolator, fill-finish machine for Ready-to-Use components and a dedicated hub with close-up views of IMA Life technologies shows our proposals for Aseptic processing and freeze-drying solutions.  
The Packaging area includes the AP400T compact carton labeler by IMA Life and the new C1060 tube filling series for the medium speed range by IMA Safe.

Focal point will be the IMA Digital Hub 4.0, intended to introduce the major current projects and all the digital technologies available at IMA Group, such as Augmented Reality for machine intervention and troubleshooting, a fully immersive Virtual Reality for operator training and maintenance operations and the digital twins for Virtual Commissioning.

These are the first steps toward a new manufacturing model, which will help the Packaging Industry of the future. IMA Digital project shapes its vision of Smart Machines and Smart Factory according to the visionary ideals of Industry 4.0.

Come and experience the Smart Factory with us!

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