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Pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 (hereinafter "GDPR")

The reason fot this disclosure

These pages describe the PRIVACY POLICY of the Company Pharmintech S.r.l. (hereinafter called "Pharmintech" or the "Company") regarding the processing of all personal data submitted to the Company.

Data categories

Pharmintech will process the following personal data you have submitted:

  • Personal data: first name, family name, date of birth;
  • Contact data: home address, e-mail address;
  • Data regarding your professional position;
  • Bank and/or payment data.

Purposes of data processing

Your personal data shall be processed for the following purposes:

  • to comply with obligations connected with the use of the Internet website;
  • to comply with obligations regarding the execution of a contract and/or provision of services;
  • to comply with all legal obligations.

Processing methods

The personal data submitted to Pharmintech are mainly processed using automated tools for the sole purposes indicated and for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they have been collected. Specific security measures are taken in order to prevent, combat and reduce to a minimum the risk of data destruction or loss - including accidental loss -, unauthorized access or processing that is not permitted or not in compliance with the purposes for which such data have been collected.

Data recipients

As well as the Data Protection Officer, the following persons may be made cognisant of the personal data submitted to Pharmintech:

  • employees and/or co-workers on whatever employment basis of the Company, as well as related or subsidiary companies belonging to the same group as the Company;
  • public or private entities, natural or legal persons whose services Pharmintech avails itself of in order to carry out the activities required to achieve the above-mentioned purpose or to which Pharmintech is under a contractual or legal obligation to communicate your personal data.
  • Your personal data shall not be communicated to third parties and/or disseminated (without prejudice to eventual requests by judicial authorities or the judicial police during the course of investigations).

The voluntary nature of data submission

While personal data are provided on a voluntary basis, they may be essential in order to purchase the products and services you are offered. In this case, your personal data should be provided on a special Personal Data Submission Form. Failure to supply your personal data may make your request impossible to execute.

Off line personal data collection

When Pharmintech collects personal data off line (for example, by mean of hard-copy forms), the Company includes a Privacy Policy Statement on personal data processing, which, where necessary, requests formal consent by the data subject. The same applies to data collection by means of Submission Forms downloaded from Pharmintech Internet websites (said Forms disclose the specific processing to which the data will be subjected).

On line personal data collection

In the event of data collection carried out directly on the Pharmintech Internet website (for example: service-delivery registration forms, data supplied for the on-line purchase of products and services), the Company includes a Privacy Policy Statement on personal data processing, and where necessary, requests consent from the data subject. The page in question will always have a link to Pharmintech's PRIVACY POLICY.

Data supplied voluntarily by the data subject

The optional, explicit and voluntary submission both on- and off-line of personal data by the data subject (for example: the submission of an e-mail address, curriculum vitae, request for information in order to participate in trade shows and for hotel bookings) entails acquisition of the contact details of the data subject that are necessary in order to be able to contact him or her if necessary to indicate how his/her personal data will be acquired, and disclose how the data will be processed and, if necessary, request formal consent on the part of the data subject.

Rights of the data subject

We hereby confirm that you are entitled at any time to exercise the rights regarding your personal data within the limits and in accordance with the conditions indicated in Articles 7 and 15-22 of the GDPR.
Should you wish to exercise any of the rights listed below, please contact the Data Controller by sending an e-mail to: privacy@pharmintech.it.Your request will be answered no later than 30 (thirty) days following receipt by us.

More specifically, data subjects have the right to:

  • withdraw the consent previously given, without, however, said withdrawal in any way calling into question the lawfulness of any consent-based processing carried out prior to withdrawal of consent;
  • request the Data Controller to have access to, rectify or erase (the so-called "right to be forgotten") personal data, or restrict processing of their personal data, or to object to processing;
  • obtain the portability of their data;
  • lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Supervisory Authority in the event they believe their rights have been infringed.

Data controller and data processor

The Personal Data Controller is Pharmintech S.r.l., in the person of its pro tempore President, with headquarters in Bologna, Italy, Via Maserati No. 16. The updated list of Data Processors is available at the Data Controller's headquarters, or may be requested by email at privacy@pharmintech.it